Nightwish - Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015) - Track By Track Review

By Michael M. on 9:06 PM 31 March 2015

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Nightwish's eight album is on stores. Released on March 27 and is the first to present
the Finns as a six-member band since Troy Donockley that played traditional instruments in the two previous albums became a permanent member.

But a health problem (sleep disorders) of their drummer Jukka Nevalainen forced the band to record this album for the first time without Jukka. His place for this album behind the drums took Kai Hahto of Wintersun. It is also the first album with their new singer Floor Jansen.

The album as said Tuomas is inspired by the biologist Charles Darwin and his book "On the Origin of Species".

Let's analyze now the album track by track :

Shudder Before the Beautiful: Before the song we have an introduction surprise. The participation of internationally renowned biologist Richard Dawkins. As composition reminds us something from previous album Imaginaerium. This song is definitely a good opening for this album.

Weak Fantasy: The stunning performance of Floor here, combined with the folk element to the end tantalise the song.

Élan: The first single from the album. Released on February 13 and charmed us with its music. Listening to the album certainly "Élan" was not the best choice for the first single, but is still a good song.

Yours is Empty Hope: We love Marco Hietala. In this song his voice is simply beautiful as always and combined with Floor's the result can't be something beyond amazing. The heaviest song on the album.

Ours Decades In the Sun: The ballad of the album. Just close your eyes and travel to magical worlds .

My Walden: Although it resembles the "I want my tears back" of the previous album Imaginaerium, it is one of the best songs of the album with a lot of folk elements and certainly one of the songs you will easily remember.

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: A gradual mix of soft and hard, edge and tradition, this soundtrack worthy song tells a story from beginning to end! The chorus is catchy and beautiful written, exciting the adventurer that lies deep in us all.

Edema Ruh: From the heavy sound of previous song we go to more melodic paths and Floor's lovely voice invites you to travel with her.

Alpenglow: Nightwish fans will remember group's older times hearing Alpenglow. A song to become a radio hit.

The Eyes of Sharbat Gula: They wanted to put words in this composition of the disk and they finally didn't and it was for the best. The instrumental song on the disc. The melodic pieces definitely highlight the polish and skill of this band, a rather uncommon find in modern music.

The Greatest Show On Earth: The final track on the album, is a whopping 20+ minutes long and divided into five parts. A truly incredibly impressive track, most definitely composer and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen highlight. Reminiscent opera and is something unique. Congrats Tuomas.

Overall conclusion :
This is an amazing album and I hope Nightwish continue to improve, experimenting and always give us such melodies . Floor may not do tantrums that we have used to but she's amazing and seems to fit perfectly with Nightwish. Better of Anette Olzon and at least equal to Tarja. Is a must listen recording.


The band :
Floor Jansen - lead vocals
Marco Hietala - bass guitar, lead vocals (on track 2, 4 & 11), acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - guitars
Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards, piano
Troy Donockley – uilleann pipes, low whistle, bodhran, bouzouki, backing vocals, opening lead vocals in "My Walden"

Additional musicians :
Kai Hahto - drums
Richard Dawkins - narration in "Shudder Before the Beautiful" and "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Pip Williams - orchestral arrangements
James Shearman - Conductor
Metro Voices - choir

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