Anabioz - There The Sun Falls (2014)

By Michael M. on 9:39 PM 03 November 2014

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After their debut album back in 2006 (Through darkness) and their second album in 2010 (To light) the folk metal band from Russia released this year their third album.

"There the sun falls" is the name of this album and this is a very good effort. Possible guitars with wonderful folk elements (violin simply enchants) dress to the songs and the stunning adaptation of the traditional Irish song “The maid that sold her barley”.

Hardly any song stands a bit but if you are going to say that s song is a little bit better than the others , we would say the “Dance, Dance”. An excellent proposal from Russia !!



Olga "Helga" - vocal, violin

Anton "JaZzZ" - vocal, guitar

Damir "Mystic" - guitar

Alexey "Alexis" – bass


Tracklist :

1. Then Death is Watching Me 04:48

2. Solntsevorot 05:20

3. Put' vo T'me 07:18

4. Dance Dance 02:47

5. Obereg 04:51

6. The Maid thatSold Her Barley 03:02

7. Under the Alien Sky 04:20

8. This Golden Drink 04:13

9. There the Sun Falls 06:11

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