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By Elric on 11:24 PM 23 February 2010

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When you hear that Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate) and Craig Locicero and Mark Hernandez of Forbidden work together on a new project, this can only be good news. If you want a taste of kick-ass bay area thrash then watch the Demon Class, from the upcoming album Demonstrous, below.

"Demonstrous" track listing:

01. Demon Class
02. Ghost Hunt
03. My Tongue
04. Luscious Damned
05. Below Zero
06. Alien Six
07. Palace Of Glass
08. Fast And Furious
09. Summoned
10. Astronomica

The amazing artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes.

"We are totally stoked how this turned out and can't wait to get it out there," says Hank. "These 10 songs are the most thrashy and brutal songs I have ever played."

"We chose Dave for his extra edge and experience working with some of the most grinding bands around. We wanted a different approach to the mix than the standard these days, and he really nailed it."

Demonica is:

Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE) - Guitar
Craig Locicero (FORBIDDEN) - Guitar
Klaus "Hyr" Hansen (BATTALION, TRAUMA CENTER) - Vocals
Marc Grabowski (CORRUPTION) - Bass

Locicero recently stated about his involvement with Demonica, "It's a blistering thrash record written by Hank and our vocalist, Klaus Hyr. Klaus sounds like a man of fire! He has been passionate about thrash for a long, long time. Evidently, so was Hank.

"When Hank approached me to play guitar on his record... of course, I said 'hell yes!' The next step was to get Forbidden's drummer, Mark Hernandez, on board. Great move; Mark is awesome and really added a lot.

"It was a journey to make this album from start to finish. You have Hank and Klaus in Denmark; our bassist, Marc Grabowski, in Denver. Then Mark and myself living in the Bay Area. That's a worldwide metal union!

"Anyhow, this record is simply crushing! Relentless from top to bottom and full of Bay Area attitude. I think all metal fans will dig it. I call it unmercyful thrash!!! There is a lot of great stuff."

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