Vader - Never Say My Name - Video

By Elric on 6:42 PM 19 October 2009

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After many weeks of hard work the new Vader's official videoclip for "Never Say My Name" track (taken from "Necropolis" album) is finally ready to unleash. Inspired by Patrick Graham's bestselling book "L'Évangile Selon Satan" (translation: "The Gospel According to Satan"), the clip tells an alternate story of the death of a messiah who curses humanity before his death on the cross and chooses life in Hell instead of Heaven.

Perhaps because of its "controversial" title and content, this book is not available in the U.S. in English, but a French version can be ordered from Canada. The clip was produced by Polish Inbornmedia company, who did our two previous videoclips "Helleluyah" and "The Witcher". The clip was directed by Maciej Pawełczyk and Radek Wikiera.

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