Sikfuk - Shitfisted Superman - The Man of Stool (2009)

By Elric on 12:19 PM 16 October 2009

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WTF? Seriously now... 3rd album ?

I know that you all loved the cover and that you are going to google the band but...

Rating: 25/100

Genre: Grind/Brutal Death

The Band:

Nikfuk or Cpt.Shitbeard or Tardgrinder - Guitards/ 8 Toned Guttural Toliet Flusher /drum machine programming/studio bass


1.    Donkey Dicks and Hot Dog Tits
2.    White Castle Shitdick   
3.    Pool of Pooty Tang
4.    Shitfisted Superman... The Man of Stool
5.    Lactating Milf White Russians
6.    Vagina Speedbag
7.    Fingercuffing the Beheaded
8.    Eight Ball in Her Brown Pocket
9.    Herpes Infested Tampon Boot

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is this a review?? very weak, lets me know nothing about the album.

Posted on 1/11/09 06:20  

I guess you are sarcastic...but anyway in case you are really interested:

The guy (yeah it is a one man band) plays grind with growling vocals. 3 to 4 mins songs talking about turd, fisting and herpes. In each song there is a stupid intro. Both drums and vocals are so bad that are funny... at least for the first 25 seconds. Highlight the 8 Toned Guttural Toliet Flusher!!!

Now, the initial review was to save you time :D. And it is called "5 words review" for some reason ;)

Posted on 1/11/09 22:04  

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