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By Elric on 11:30 PM 30 September 2009

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"Black Hole", the latest video from Swiss industrial black metallers Samael, can be viewed below.
Personally, I prefer the mid-tempo Samael period and not all that nonsense bastbeats.

Commented singer/guitarist Vorph: "If your favorite video clip from Samael is 'Baphomet's Throne', you're going to love the new 'Black Hole' video. It's black and white with lots of live footage taken from the latest Swiss shows, all mixed up with various designs and animations. 

It has been filmed and edited by Sergeï Ulyanov, who happens to be the bass player of Makro's death/doom metal band Sludge. We've tried to come up with something simple which would fit the intensity and aggressiveness of the song. The video is very dense and hard to digest at once. You've been warned!"

In an interview with Beyond the Dark Horizon, Vorph stated about "Above", "It is like an enhanced version of our three or four first albums, maybe the missing link between 'Ceremony of Opposites' and "Passage". With the 'Era One' project we've tried to work on different influences, and with 'Above' we stripped everything down. It is a metal album through and through. . . 'Above' is a little bit of a tribute to our early years as a band and to our first influences. If you listen to our two last albums, you can tell our roots go beyond that but 'Above' is a good résumé of what pushed us to start playing music in the first place."

SAMAEL - Black Hole

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