Crippled Black Phoenix - Maybeshewill - Live Report 19/9/2009

By Elric on 11:18 PM 27 September 2009

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When I learned about the Maybeshewill gig it didn’t take me long to decide to buy a ticket even if Maybeshewill were an opening act to Crippled Black Phoenix meaning a significantly smaller playlist.

Around 9:30 Maybeshewill got on the stage without any warning and for about 50 minutes they were grabbing our faces and they were shaking us. With 2.5 albums in their bags Maybeshewill’s music is characterized as post-rock. I will describe their music as ten minutes instrumental song of growing loudness.  And that was what they did from the first minute. Playing really tied they were increasing the volume. The truth is that at the beginning were little shy something that changed quickly thanks to the warm crowd. Also I have to mention the amazing James Collins at drums. The only negative thing was the extensive use of samples. I believe that a session musician at keyboards will improve both their image and their live performance. Best moments probably the How to Have Sex With a Ghost and the Japanese Spy Trasnscript.

At 10:55 Crippled Black Phoenix climbed the stage.  Surely, a band with more reputation since they formed by ex-members of bands such as Mogwai, Electric Wizard and Portishead.  And that was clear from the significantly larger crowd. From the first note of Rise Up and Fight, Crippled Black Phoenix were inviting us to jump into their train and travel with them. And everyone accepted the invitation, me too… although after a while I was looking for a way to jump out!

I am not saying that Crippled Black Phoenix performance was poor. Actually it was exactly the opposite.  Their performance was at least professional. However their majority of their songs are much more suited to listen to them alone in your room than in live gigs. Also the fact that they were spending a lot of time in microphonics was very tiring.

But everything changed when they decided to play a new song (Troublemaker). From that moment Crippled Black Phoenix were far more energetic something that reached the crowd. Next was a Mogwai cover and Burnt Reynolds, the song that probably everyone was waiting to listen to. Best moment without a doubt the encore with the 20 minute Time of Ye Life/Born for Nothing/Paranoid Arm of Narcoleptic Empire played at least three times better than the album version which left us wondering…Why they didn’t play like that all the time?

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