Europe - Last Look at Eden (2009)

By Elric on 2:45 PM 11 October 2009

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Europe, probably the biggest Swedish band, three years after the amazing Secret Society, hit the shelves  again with their latest release Last Look at Eden.

From the self titled song, Last Look at Eden starts exactly from the point where Secrete Society ended. Modern rock with dark melodies. However Last Look at Eden is not a Secret Society part 2 and that is clear right from the start.

Unfortunately is less heavy and dark. On the other hand the compositions of the songs are, probably, more matured than everything else Europe did so far.  Tempest voice is perfect in every song as it was expect but what I really enjoyed is the melody parts from Norum and Michaelli.

Gonna Get Ready and Catch That Plane are more groovy  while New Love In Town, U Devil U and Only Young Twice have all the elements that made Europe famous two decades ago. On the other hand there are some weaker but easy listening songs like The Beast, Mojito Girl and No Stone Untruned.

Last Look at Eden combines Europe's two eras. The new style that they adapted after their "reunion" with a tribute to their old days. It seems that after all this time the flame is still burning in this band.

Rating: 80/100

The Band

Mic Michaelli - Keyboards
John Norum - Guitars
Joey Tempest - Vocals
John Leven - Bass
Ian Haughland - Drums


2. Last Look at Eden
3. Gonna Get Ready
4. Catch That Plane
5. New Love In Town
6. The Beast
7. Mojito Girl
8. No Stone Unturned
9. Only Young Twice
10. U Devil U
11. Run With The Angels
12. In My Time

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I might not fully agree with you, but I like reading opinions different from mine.
Thanks for the rating, though.

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