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By Elric on 4:23 PM 07 September 2009

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Kittie premiered their video for the first single "Cut Throat" off of their upcoming release "In The Black" on Headbanger's Ball this Saturday, September 5th.

Here’s what lead singer Morgan Lander had to say:

“’Cut Throat’ is about the harsh nature of humanity and how we can sometimes be so mean and unsympathetic to one another. It’s about not realizing that our selfish actions not only can hurt others, but it ends up coming back around on us if we are not careful. There are no true winners in this game we call life. This existence is one where only the strong survive and we of all people have seemingly become experts on the subject.

Regardless of the heavy nature of the song, we actually had an amazing and fairly relaxed time filming this video. The video was directed by David Brodsky in an old abandoned department store in Brooklyn. No Lights. No air conditioning and no water-- just a kick ass live performance from the band! The atmosphere made for a really intense, gritty, nasty vibe for the video, one that perfectly captures what this band is all about.

The make-up artist didn't really appreciate the fact that our make-up was sliding down our faces from the first note, but this isn't pretty or nice or dainty. This is metal and the ‘Cut Throat’ video perfectly embodies that.”

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