DEMO: Korrigan - Korrigan (2008)

By Elric on 2:42 PM 05 June 2009

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Korrigan were formed in 2005 by a few university students in Greece. A couple of months ago they entered the atmospheric death/back music area with the release of their first, self titled demo. However the question is if they can make a name of themselves especially when a lot of bands, especially from Greece, are out there.

Korrigan are influenced by the early days of bands like Anathema, Theatre of Tragedy, Opeth and Rotting Christ (especially their guitar riffs).

This demo consist of 4 songs. After a short psychedelic intro (Seeking a healing hand…) the demo starts with …tonight and from the first tunes you can understand their abilities and possibilities. Very good combination of brutal and ethereal female vocals and a clever orchestration. Clean and brutal vocals are used nicely while the female vocals appear in the right moments. Suicidal Urges is where the band really shines. This song is in my head the last 10 days! Clever refrain, great atmosphere, amazing work from the keyboards plus very good lyrics. Korrigan’s demo ends with Silence, which is in a heavier style mainly due to its political theme.

Unfortunately the production is really bad and as a result there are times when drums and keyboards cannot be heard. In addition, Vaggelis’ and Zoe’s voices maybe are not a match to those of Within Temptation or Theatre of Tragedy. And surely their sound and ideas sometimes are crude and rough. However my opinion is that in metal being perfect is not what it counts. What it counts is the mood and feelings that you can create with your music. And Korrigan create a wonderful atmosphere and, even if they play a different kind of music, I get from them the same feeling as in Strange In Stereo from …In The Woods.

Surely they deserve your attention. Check them out in their official MySpace page.

Also Korrigan offer their demo for free here.

The Band

  • Vaggelis K. - Vocals
  • Zoe A. - Vocals
  • Kostas T. - Guitars
  • Panos E. - Guitars
  • Marios P. - Bass
  • Manos N. - Keyboards
  • Nikos P. - Drums

  1. Seeking a healing hand...
  2. ...tonight
  3. Suicidal Urges
  4. Silence

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