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By Elric on 3:45 PM 29 April 2009

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There are bands who are against illegal music downloading but there are also bands who understand that music sharing can make their music available to a wider base of fans and in the long run this is beneficial for both the fans and the band.

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has urged fans to spread their music around the internet.

"Let's recreate the 'tape trade' virally," he said in an online statement. "Grab those CDs, rip them, copy them, compile them, cut out the shit you don't like!"

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I know how hard musicians work to be heard...and I'm sure they would really love to see some monetary compensation for all their work just as any ordinary person would. But I'm guessing they realize that when fans share their music, it really does get others interested. And that really counts when it comes time to tour. Besides that, I'm sure there are still a lot of people out there who will pay for a high quality CD (or DVD if they make one) when time comes. Music fans like me would even love to get a CD autographed at a show. It's not like you can download an autograph, you know!

Posted on 4/5/09 05:45  

also, it should be noted that unless the album is was paid for and distributed by the band themselves they see little to no money from record sells. the record company keeps it.

Posted on 19/10/09 22:52  

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