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By Elric on 9:36 PM 28 September 2008

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"At The Crack of Doom", the new video from Californian thrashers Warbringer, can be viewed below. The clip was helmed by up-and-coming director Joe Hendrick and is described in a press release as "a savage, performance-based video that unleashes a fury of aggression and all-out thrash madness."

Commented guitarist John Laux: "We ended up performing 'At the Crack of Doom' at a very old, evil and torn-up building in the Mojave desert. This video is a performance piece like 'Combat Shock', but we also had extras running around in hooded robes carrying torches as part of a post-apocalyptic cult or something. Needless to say, after working on the project we are very excited for its release."

Warbringer is continuing to tour in support of its acclaimed debut offering, "War Without End". The band will hit the road again on October 1 as the support act for the legendary East Coast metal band Overkill on a month-long North American assault. After Warbringer finishes its stint with Overkill, it will wrap up the songwriting process for its sophomore album and then head into the studio to begin tracking. The band will then join up with Soilwork, Darkane and Swallow The Sun for an extensive tour that will last from January 30 to March 22.

Commented Laux: "We couldn't be more excited to hit the road in support of fucking Overkill. It's been awhile since we've stopped by your town on a real, killer thrash bill. We hope to see all of our friends around the country for some good, violent and bloody old-school mayhem. We've been waiting a long time for this."

WARBRING - At The Crack of Doom

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