Hellbound '71 - 3 Weeks Ago On Sunday (2006)

By Elric on 11:37 AM 14 September 2008

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3 Weeks Ago On Sunday” from Hellbound ’71 just confirms the saying: Never judge a cd from the crappy booklet”. With an artwork like a b-movie, lyrics only from two songs and with no information at all about the band I was totally negative prepared. The good thing is that everything changed from the first tunes of “3 Weeks Ago On Sunday”. The 3-piece band from Canada is like they jumped out from the movie “Dead Man” with few boxes of whiskey in their bags.

The band shows its attitude right from the beginning. “Meatball” is hard rock instrumental tornado. “Stay Drunk” it’s a song that only bands of the caliber of Guns ‘N’ Roses can compose with the addition that it contains a few more pounds of alcohol. The band continuous with the same boisterous style in the remaining songs like “Three Weeks Ago On Sunday” and “I am Gone” or in a more rockabilly style in songs like “Hod Rod Cadillac”, "I Like to Drink" and “Saturday Night”. On the other hand there are a couple of week songs while their chaotic music style of the band makes the album pretty hard to listen all at once.

In general “3 Weeks Ago On Sunday” smells of alcohol from miles away!!! Richard Hou’s tone is unbelievable and in combination with the “dirty” production it creates a nice feeling. The rhythm section (drums/bass) makes the sound of Hellbound ’71 more solid and creates a sonic wave that blows your head.

Rating: 75/100

The Band
  • Bob Gregori – Bass
  • Richard Hou – Vocals, Guitars
  • Cory Herret – Drums

  1. Meatball
  2. Stay Drunk
  3. Saturday Night
  4. Three Weeks Ago On Sunday
  5. I’m Gone
  6. I Like to Drink
  7. Lucky Strike
  8. Hot Rod Cadillac

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