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By Elric on 1:04 PM 12 July 2008

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The highly anticipated "The Man Who Would Not Die" is to follow up to 2004's "Blood and Belief", and marks the beginning of a new era on the history of his own band now under the moniker of Blaze Bayley. This band comprises a completely new line up that have created a fresh sound, leaning towards a heavier direction that promises to take the band to a new level in Blaze Bayley's already rich professional history. The album was engineered by James Dunkley and produced by Blaze Bayley himself. It is also the first recorded showcase for the line-up that comprises Nico Bermudez and Jay Walsh on guitars, David Bermudez on bass and Lawrence Paterson on drums. "The Man Who Would Not Die" promises to take Blaze in new song writing directions, ushering in a new phase of an already renowned career. It's the proof that heavy metal is still up to date in 2008 and is not really ready to die !

The new album by Blaze Bayley is the first due for release on his own independent label with additional licensing to various countries. Metal Mind Productions will release the album on 21st July 2008 in the following territories: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Greece.

1. The Man Who Would Not Die
2. Blackmailer
3. Smile Back At Death
4. While You Were Gone
5. Samurai
6. Crack In The System
7. Robot
8. At The End Of The Day
9. Waiting For My Life To Begin
10. Voices From The Past
11. The Truth Is One
12. Serpent Hearted Man

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Very Good Album!!!!

Posted on 12/7/08 18:56  

Well, this guy has shown that his participation to Iron Maiden was a lot more than that. Silicon Messiah, Tenth Dimension and The Man Who Would Not Die are in my opinion among the fresh diamonds of heavy metal. Especially Bailey's latest album kicks some serious ass!

Posted on 14/7/08 05:20  

It is totally different from what I was expecting to hear... and is much better from what is was expecting...

Posted on 15/7/08 07:50  

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