Louder Than The Church

By Elric on 9:29 AM 28 June 2008

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Probably this is the most useless yet funny info of the month. David Hurst of Altoona Mirror reports: It seems church services at Believers Fellowship Church in Revloc, Pennsylvania have become part of a rock 'n' soul showdown between a lively congregation and a heavy metal-loving neighbor.

Since Joe Vermeulin moved into the former Holy Redeemer Church parsonage next door, church members say their services have been interrupted by outdoor speakers blaring Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson and AC/DC's ditty "Hell's Bells", creating friction between the sides.

But Vermeulin, whose home is about 15 feet from the church, and some neighbors believe the church's musical worship and electric praise band are too loud.

While Vermeulin says he isn't trying to incite the church with his radio, he and neighbors are collecting signatures to urge the church to tone it down.

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Burn the church down!

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