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By Elric on 11:37 AM 05 May 2008

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After a long time the poll has changed. The question is very simple: Do you support the idea of downloading music? However it is pretty hard to give a simple answer like a yes or no. I am sure that all of you have made this conversation more than once with your friends. Downloading music is always tempting however it’s truth that has many moral complications and, of course, it’s illegal.

On one hand people say that downloading illegal music really harms the industry. Record companies lose money and then they press bands to release albums as often as they can. In the same matter the bands also lose money (although record companies do not deserve them, bands do). Having thousands of mp3s results to hearing music and not listening to. You may know that somewhere you have "that" album from "that" band but you don’t know how it sounds exactly. Finally, imagine going backstage for autographs and saying “Hey dudes, can you sign my copy of your latest album?”

On the other hand downloading is cheap! A new CD usually costs over 20€ which is pretty expensive and record companies take the 19 of them. Moreover you discover thousands of new and upcoming bands. You discover bands that you would never buy their CDs. Indeed you can't listen and carefully dig to all of your thousands mp3s but still you dig more music. And if you want to support some bands, you can always go to their gigs. Finally, lots of today’s “super” groups became famous thanks to illegal downloading.

I’d like to hear your own opinions. You can vote at the poll at the sidebar and don’t hesitate to leave some comments.

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In response to the question: "Do you support the idea of downloading music?"

To me, it depends. If the artist supports downloading and free sharing of their music, then I support it and don't see anything wrong with it.

On the other hand, if the author / record company doesn't support it -- and does want you to pay for it, then I don't support it.

However, I'm then less likly to listen to it. (I don't listen to the radio too often)

Take for example the fact that NIN is giving away their album. I support and respect that fully and have downloaded it (from the official site).

By the same token, I'm more likely to listen to music that was free (because now that NIN album is mixed in to my iPod library.)

Because I'm more likely to listen to it, I will ultimately be more likely to go to a concert featuring them.

After all, artist (generally) make more money from live performances, then CD / album sales, right?

Posted on 7/5/08 16:18  

I support the idea of downloading music if it's sanctioned by the artist.

Personally, I'd rather purchase the CD for a couple of reasons. I know it can be expensive, but the artists need as much support as they can get. Frivilous downloading keeps the money from the artists pockets, as little as that may be. Yes, the artist gets a bigger pay day through live performances, but I have a moral complex about taking the album money away from them. Don't get me started on the record companies.

The other reason I go with the CD format is that I simply like to have a tangible record of the music. It looks good on my shelf. It feels good in my hands. It's eye candy and informative in the way of liner notes and band info.

I am guilty, however, of downloading live performances of bands that I know I'll never get the opportunity to see. Or, who odds are will never release a live disc. Yeah . . . I know. I'm trying to justify my illicit activities.

Posted on 7/5/08 20:16  

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