The Gathering Preparing New Album

By Elric on 6:44 PM 12 May 2008

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Holland's art rock The Gathering not only are far from disbanding but they also working on a new album.

Drummer Hans Rutten has issued the following update:

"Dear all, sorry it has been a while since you've heard from us. We apologize for this. It actually means that we have been really busy with the band.

"During the last couple of months we created a lot of new ideas that lead to the first songs of our upcoming CD. Yes, we are working on a new album! Or actually, two new albums!

"Many of our new songs are very rock and guitar orientated and will end up on a heavy rock album for sure. The second album will be filled with more 'shoe gaze,' dreamy tracks.

"We can imagine if you are very curious about new vocalists. Currently, we are working with several. It feels very refreshing and interesting to work with different voices and it adds beautiful new colours to our music. Names will be presented as soon as our ideas become more concrete.

"As promised you will hear new material by the end of this year. The release of our new album is planned for spring 2009."

The End Records released The Gathering's "A Noise Severe" double-DVD and double-CD sets in February. Both releases contain recordings of the Dutch group's March 24, 2007 performance at the 4,000-capacity theatre Teatro Caupolican in Santiago, Chile and mark The Gathering's final output to feature singer Anneke van Giersbergen.

Hans Rutten stated about CD and DVD recording: "There was an incredible noise the whole concert. The audience was superb. I think it's a very elegant way to end an era — with Anneke, that is — and it gives strength to us and what the future will bring. I think the recordings speak for themselves. It's unique. It's a statement. It's something to be proud of."

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