Iron Maiden Singer's Horror Film To Be Unveiled At Cannes Film Festival

By Elric on 7:41 AM 14 March 2008

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BBC News reports that Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson's upcoming supernatural horror-thriller will be unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

"Chemical Wedding" will then be released in British cinemas in the summer.

Dickinson, a trained pilot, is due to fly invited guests to Cannes on the band's own Boeing 757 jet for the premiere on May 17.

"Chemical Wedding" wrapped principal photography in September with Julian Doyle at the helm. The film stars Simon Callow as a reincarnation of Crowley, once dubbed "the most evil man in Britain." Callow's character, Haddo, is a shy, stuttering professor.

"My experience with stages is obviously Iron Maiden and that sort of stuff," Bruce said. "I've directed a few videos over the course of my rock 'n' roll past and I enjoyed them, I enjoyed directing videos. Writing movies a completely different thing. I wrote a couple of absurd comic novels — that came out as well, and you know, they did OK actually. So, writing is something that's always sort of interested me, so this seemed like a good opportunity to learn the process, really."

Dickinson is not the first rocker to be inspired by Crowley, who died in 1947. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was a big collector of Crowley's writings and even bought his Scottish estate. Ozzy Osbourne, meanwhile, eulogized him in the song "Mr. Crowley".

Reuters last year posted a five-minute interview with Bruce Dickinson about "Chemical Wedding". The video, which includes footage from the "Chemical Wedding" movie set, can be viewed at this location.

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i will be wanting to see this!

Posted on 15/3/08 19:38  

The truth is that it sounds interesting... but lets wait and see

Posted on 16/3/08 11:43  

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