Chop Suicide - Demo (2007)

By Elric on 9:44 AM 14 March 2008

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Chop Suicide is a newly band formed from Stacy T. Rat (ex-Red Light Rippers). Teamed up with Danyell DeVille on vocals (ex-Pantychrist), Stephane DeBernardi (ex- RLR) on bass and Kevin Eamon on drums they decided to release a rock and roll mayhem.

The demo consists of 5 track of amazing sleaze rock ‘n’ roll. Sounding like Joan Jett and G'N'R hurtling towards each other and crashing head on in a bloody mess creating images on my mind from the movie “Natural Born Killers”. They will attack your speakers with songs like Panic Attack, Rockabilly Bitch and Turn It On.

Solid dirty riffs from Stacy, rumbling drums and the voice of DeVille saying you can look but not touch ‘cause I am a bad ass bitch. The only bad thing is the short duration of the demo (only 12 minutes). I hope they for full release soon.

As someone else wrote “this band is the soundtrack to the night before that you can't remember, and aren't they always the best nights?” Just turn you speakers on and be prepared to blow your head off.

Rating: 85/100

The Band
  • Stacy T.Rat
  • Danyell DeVille
  • Stephane DeBernadi
  • Kevin Eamon
  1. Panic Attack
  2. Here To Stay
  3. Turn It On
  4. Rockabilly Bitch
  5. Runnin' On Empty

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