Sold Out Promotion Closes Down And Cancels Shows

By Elric on 11:47 PM 03 February 2008

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Sold Out Promotion Live The Live Experience has announced that it closes down!. Read the company's statement below:

"Due to the outcome of the Deutsche Assault Festival that took place on January 12th in Athens Sold Out Promotion Live The Live Experience is sad to announce that all upcoming shows are cancelled, and the company closes down.

The company's philosophy to bring underground bands in Greece and at the same time trying to maintain a low ticket so that all fans can enjoy the shows wasn’t appreciated by fans and the people coming in the festival made the company suffer a great economic loss. Under these conditions we feel that continuing in such a manner would be pointless and non viable.

We are sorry it had to come to this but numbers don’t lie. We would like to apologize to the bands that we have already booked and will keep supporting their work in whatever they do and would like to thank all the fans that attended our shows."


February 16th 2008 – NWOBHM Festival I Tygers Of Pan Tang, Cloven Hoof, Jaguar, Elixir @ An Club Athens

May 10th 2008 – SIRENIA, BARE INFINITY @ An Club Athens

NOVEMBER 8th 2008 – NWOBHM Festival II Tokyo Blade, Steve Grimmet’s Grim Reaper, Witchfyde

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