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By Elric on 10:25 AM 03 February 2008

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Friewind will release its successor to 2006’s "Allegiance" album on March 24th, 2008. Guitarist Gus G. checks in with details on the programmatically entitled "The Premonition":

"'The Premonition' is a strong title and our drummer Mark came up with the idea. A premonition means feeling something is about to happen. We've worked hard the past two years and we just have a premonition that 2008 is going to be a very fun and exciting year for us as we plan to visit again many places and countries and hope to play for our fans as well as make new ones!

Of course, you can interpret the album title in any way you want. Some people might read our lyrics and see that at times they're about the course of mankind and the so-called 'end of days'. So maybe this could be taken also as a warning or omen, because it's definitely something that has been on our minds lately.

I feel that the new Firewind album is yet another step up in our career – musically speaking. Once again we aimed for a highly variable effort as I really don't like those albums where you've listened to the first song and it’s like you heard them all! This doesn't happen on a Firewind album and certainly not on the new one!

Regarding touring, we'll start off in Europe right after the album's release and we'll spend about five weeks on the road with Kamelot (we recently toured Japan with them and it was just fantastic!). We plan to return to the US right after that, but no dates are confirmed yet. Of course, a Japan and Pan-Asian tour is being planned currently as well as several appearances at summer festivals.

Gus G."

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