Grosskopf To Release A Non-Guitar Rock Album

By Elric on 7:24 AM 21 November 2007

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Frontiers Records will release the debut album from Markus Grosskopf's (Helloween) Bassinvaders, entitled "Hellbassbeaters", on January 25, 2008.

Bassinvaders was a creation of Markus' while sitting in a bar and enjoying a few drinks. It was there that he got inspired to produce a heavy rock record without any guitars at all. He presented this concept in early 2007 to Frontiers Records, which was intrigued by the idea and gave it a go.

According to a press release, "Hellbassbeaters" contains all the basic elements of a heavy rock record "and so much more. You got the strong vocals, rhythmic bass, intoxicating drums and even bass and twin bass solo parts. What you hear is what you get: 100% genuine heavy rock record with absolutely no discordant guitar note on it at all." To guarantee a great variety of different influences, Markus invited some well-known singing bass players from the German metal scene to join the band, including Destruction's Schmier, Sodom's frontman Tom Angelripper and Rage's Peavy. He also managed to get a few of his bass heroes to lay down solos on some of the tracks, including Billy Sheehan, Rudy Sarzo and DD Verni.

Guest musicians include:


Billy Sheehan (Steve Vai, ex-Mr. Big, ex-David Lee Roth)
Rudy Sarzo (DIO, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Quiet Riot)
Lee Rocker (Stray Cats)
Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Ted Nugent)
DD Verni (Overkill)
Wyzard (Mother's Finest)
Dirk Schlochter (Gamma Ray)
Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, ex-Anthrax)
Stig Pedersen (D.A.D)
Nibbs (Saxon)
Tobias Exxel (Edguy)
Jens Becker (Grave Digger, ex-Running Wild)
Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69)
Peter Baltes (Accept)
Jan S. Eckert (Masterplan)
Michael Moller (Jaded Heart).


Apollo Papathanasio (Firewind, Time Requiem, Evil Masquerade, Majestic)
Jesper Binzer (D-A-D)


Andrι Hilgers (Rage, Axxis, Silent Force)
Stefan Arnold (Grave Digger).

01. Awakening the Bass Machine
02. We Live
03. Armageddon
04. Romance In Black
05. Godless Gods
06. Empty Memories (Breaking Free)
07. Boiling Blood
08. Far Too Late
09. The Asshole Song
10. Dead From the Eyes Down
11. Razorblade Romance
12. Voices
13. Eagles Fly Free (Helloween cover)
14. To Hell And Back (bonus track for Europe)

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Ότι έκαναν οι Nekromantia (ή Necromantia) πριν από 15 χρόνια δηλαδή....

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LoL...nice one :p

translation of rockordie: "The same thing Necromantia did 15 years ago.."

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