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By Elric on 12:06 AM 21 November 2007

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Brainstorm are back with a bang! After celebrating "Ten Years Of Brainstorm" with the re-releases of their first two efforts ("Hungry" & "Unholy") and the release of their first ever 2-DVD set "Honey From The B's", Brainstorm are launching another powerful rocket: "Downburst" is ready to strike and Brainstorm are back stronger than ever before, with songs that range from fast, hard and double-kick-driven bastards to epic soundscapes to melodic metal hymns!

Being perfectly brought into shape by producing team Sascha Paeth and Miro, "Downburst" is ready to strike every nerve of the listener with its variety and pounding heaviness!

"Downburst" will be released as a regular jewelcase as well as in a limited edition jakebox (100% plastic-free) including 2 bonus tracks!


01. Falling Spiral Down
02. Fire Walk With Me
03. Stained With Sin
04. Redemption In Your Eyes
05. End In Sorrow
06. How Do You Feel
07. Protect Me From Myself
08. Surrounding Walls
09. Frozen
10. All Alone

Bonustracks Limited Version Europe
11. Crawling In Chains (Bonus)
12. Hold Tight (exkluisver Europe-Bonustrack)

The album will be unleashed on January 25th (G/A/CH/I) | January 28th (Europe) through Metal Blade Records.

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