WASP - No Cameras Will Be Allowed

By Elric on 11:09 AM 25 October 2007

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W.A.S.P. have posted the following announcement on their official site:

"Dear fans, please DO NOT bring any cameras into the shows this fall as it is strictly prohibited to take pictures or recordings of the performance of W.A.S.P.! Security personnel at every venue will confiscate any cameras (including digital cameras and mobile phones with ability to record) from you before entering the venues. Please respect this request and enjoy the evening with 'The Crimson Idol'.

"Inquiries have been made as to whether 'The Crimson Idol' will be performed only in select locations. 'The Crimson Idol' event will be performed every night in each of the cities in the tour schedule. After 'The Crimson Idol' has been performed, the band will take a ten minute intermission and return to perform all the great W.A.S.P. classic you know and love."

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