Rage - New Album Title Revealed

By Elric on 10:26 AM 14 August 2007

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Rage has issued the following update revealing the title of their forthcoming album:

"At the moment, Peavy, Victor and Andre are working with high pressure at their new album, with the working title "Carved in Stone".

"Carved in Stone" is also the title of a new song, a super hymn, which could open the live shows in future. More titles are (under reserve): Open My Grave (very heavy & dark), One Step Ahead, Long Hard Road and Without You. There are much more songs, we'll tell you more about, soon.

The music is very catchy, and compared with the last output, straight-lined. Due to Andres way of playing the drums, a newer wind came into. Most of the lyrics deal with critically notes to anxiously, socially developments."

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