Rage Against The Machine Guitarist's New Song

By Elric on 10:48 PM 21 August 2007

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The Pulse of Radio (formerly Launch Radio Networks) reports: Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello has released a video as his alter ego The Nightwatchman for a song called "Alone Without You", according to a press release. Morello composed the tune after seeing an early cut of filmmaker Michael Moore's latest documentary, "Sicko", and let Moore use the song over the film's closing credits. The video debuted at MichaelMoore.com last week and the tune itself has been added as a bonus track to Morello's debut album as The Nightwatchman, "One Man Revolution".

Morello said about the song, "'Alone Without You' is a testament to the struggle and loss faced by millions of Americans who are cast aside by a healthcare system that puts profit before people and families."

Morello and Moore recently interviewed each other as part of MySpace's "Artist On Artist" series.

Moore directed the videos for Rage Against The Machine "Sleep Now In The Fire" and "Testify", while The Nightwatchman opened for Moore on a 2004 speaking tour.

Morello has been alternating between solo dates as The Nightwatchman and shows with the reunited Rage Against The Machine. The band next plays on Friday (August 24) in East Troy, Wisconsin.

Watch The Nightwatchman "Alone Without You" video:

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