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By Elric on 12:44 PM 21 August 2007

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Former The Gathering singer Anneke van Giersbergen, who now fronts her newly formed band Agua De Annique, has issued an update on the group's forthcoming album, "Air", due on October 30 via The End Records.

Shw writes: "At the moment we are in Norway and we just finished the final mix with Jon Anders Narum at the Eastlake Studio in Eina. It's a beautiful place and Jon Anders lives at this fantastic lake with his family.

"We had a great time there. The songs will be mastered at the end of this month.

"I am very happy and proud of the result so far! We are also making a nice family vacation. We have seen some nice places already and now we are back in Oslo.We stay at Kristin's place, you might know her from Pale Forest. She also sings on our Agua De Annique album.

"We will start playing shows in Holland this November and December. The exact dates will follow very soon. I guess we won't be playing outside of Holland this year, but we definitely will in 2008."

Currently available for streaming on the band's official web site (in the "Listen" section) are two full-length tracks — "Day after Yesterday" and "Beautiful One". A "beautiful" animated music video for the song "Day after Yesterday" is also in the works.

Agua De Annique is:

Anneke van Giersbergen - Vocals/Piano
Joris Dirks - Guitars/Vocals
Jacques de Haard - Bass
Rob Snijders - Drums

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