Nanowar - Other Bands Play Nanowar Gay (2006)

By Elric on 1:52 AM 09 August 2007

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As I was surfing at the internet I came across this diamond. Nanowar (now called Nanowar of Steel) started back in 2003 and they are playing epic/power metal with funny lyrics and as their named suggest they are a parody of Manowar. Moreover as reported in their website Nanowar is the only Epic-True-Power Metal band who actually killed a dragon!

After two demos in 2003, “True Metal Of The World” and “Triumph Of True Metal Of Steel” the time was right for their first full album “Other Bands Play Nanowar Gay!”. The artwork as well as the music if a spoof of Manowar’s Fighting The World”. The album contains 14 songs of true epic power metal. Songs like “Tricycles Of Steel” and “Metal-la-la-la-la” or “Burger-King” are a classic sample of their work and their musci intentions. Moreover “The Power of the Power of the Power (of the Great Sword)" will melt your ears with 8 seconds (!) of true metal! But where the band truly shines is in “Number of the Bitch” where Maiden’s music meets the adult entertainment.

To be honest Nanowar music is decent and filled with Manowar’s riffs. Lyrics on the other hands are just funny. Actually, Nanowar are to epic metal what Tenacious D are to rock. In the end I really enjoyed “Other Bands Play Nanowar Gay!”.

Beware…Nanowar are marching.

Rating: Beyond Rating

The Band
  • Gatto Panceri 666 (James-Edoardo): Guitar, Bass, Computer, Hands (which he's incredibly skiled in clapping)
  • Mohammed Abdul (Valerio): Guitar, Keys, Voice, Anus, Drums.
  • Uinona Raider (Milino): Drums, guitars and detuned voice.
  • Potowotominimak (Carlo Alberto): Voice , Nails on a blackboard.
  • Baffo (Pino, DJames Bond, Raffaello): Hands, Pino, Phone Calls, Radio Dj, Kazoo.


1. Intrue
2. Tricycles Of Steel
3. Nanoworld (True Metal Of The World)
4. Burger
5. King
6. Introducing The Power
7. Power Of The Power Of The Power (Of The Great Sword)
8. Pino
9. Metal-La-La-La
10. Gioca True
11. The Number Of The Bitch
12. Entra L'Uomo Di Sabbia
13. Triumphant March Of The Nanowarrior
14. Outrue

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