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By Elric on 1:11 PM 10 August 2007

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It's unbelieavable! Biomechanical may have found a new drummer but mainman John K. must now look for new band members as Jamie Hunt, Chris Webb and Jon Collins have decided to leave the band!!

According to John K.'s statement:

"I didn't want this situation to come to this

"There is a long history of unpleasant feelings but I never thought that these guys would go so low and attack me publicly.

I can say alot of things that could hurt their reputation but I am not going to.

I feel though that I have to explain my self to all the fans who have embraced Biomechanical.

Right from the beginning when I picked each musician for Biomechanical I explained my self that this was my baby. They all knew what the score was. However I was always open to suggestions and input.

I have to make clear now that I have written, arranged recorded and co-produced all the music for Biomech. Artistic direction, lyrical content direction wise, internet content, guitar solo direction, record label relationships were all done by me. I never asked for any recognition for all this. All I asked was for them to at least respect some decisions that I had to make as a band leader

I told the guys the band was going to become a project as I was ferociously attacked over my decision to not do the Sikth gigs due to the fact that the work load for the new album "Cannibalised" was way too heavy for me and I was clearly going to get ill.

It was a simple decision. Album or four Gigs.

I was continuously attacked and cornered to commit into something I couldn't do and on top of this I was told that they outvoted me to go and perform without a singer (which as far as I am concerned it's highly unprofessional unless there is a second singer in the band or enough instrumentals to cover a set) I had no other choice than to tell them this will now be a project on my terms so that I wouldn’t have to be subjected to any other attacks again.

I have to thank the guys for leaving the band as they made some decisions a lot easier for me and for the record I never asked anybody to be an unpaid session musician

Biomechanical will not be a project as I am now looking for band members

I am pleased to say I have a drummer Jonno Lodge and I am now looking for the rest of the guys to get Biomech on the road after the album will be released.

Again really sorry the other members of the band stooped so low but believe it or not I still wish them good luck


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