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By Elric on 7:25 AM 28 August 2007

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Fires of Babylon is a newly formed band cranking out classic 1980s-style shredding U.S. heavy metal. The group features in its ranks the highly skilled and lauded lineup of guitarist Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane), vocalist Rob Rock, bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-Death, Monstrosity) and drummer Robert Falzano (Shatter Messiah, ex-Annihilator).

Very impressed by Lou's playing on Winters Bane's "Redivivus" album, the owner of European label Metal Heaven Records asked St. Paul to write the material and put together a band to record a classic, shredding '80s metal album — and Fires of Babylon is the result.

Fires of Babylon
debut album, "Devilution", will feature 10 crushing, fist-in-the-air metal anthems, and will be released in early 2008 on Metal Heaven Records.

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