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By Elric on 4:00 PM 05 July 2007

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In an interview Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate revealed that the band will be releasing a new "all-covers" album in December.

Among the tracks to be covered by Queensrÿche for the release are Pink Floyd's 'Welcome To The Machine', Queen's 'Innuendo' and the band's take on the opera classic 'Odessa'.

More details on the new "covers" album to follow.

In related news, Tate also revealed further details for the band's upcoming compilation from EMI, entitled "Sign Of The Times: Best Of", and due for release on August 28th.

"Sign Of The Times: Best Of" will be a 2CD set. The first disc will feature the band's "greatest hits", but not necessarily the standard album versions. Single edits, live versions, and outakes will also be featured.

The second disc will feature rarities, including never before heard tracks such as 'Chasing Blue Sky', 'Liquified' and 'Dirty Little Secret'. Also to be included on the rarities disc are three songs from Geoff Tate's pre-Queensrÿche progressive band Myth, which he was in with Kelly Gray (who later was Queensrÿche's first attempt at a replacement for guitarist Chris DeGarmo).

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