Iron Savior - Megatropolis (2007)

By Elric on 12:29 PM 19 July 2007

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Iron Savior started as intergalactig alliance. Piet Sielck (early days of Helloween), Kai Hansen (ex-Helloween, Gamma Ray), Thomas Stauch (ex-Blind Guardian) joined forces to help Piet create Iron Savior. Add also the guest apperances of Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and Dirk Schlachter (Gamma Ray). The band's self titled debut album was doomed to succeed. As the band grew up Hansen and Stauch had to step out and focus on their bands. Piet soon found new members and continues the Iron Savior adventure.

"Megatropolis" is the sixth studio album. The artwork reminds me of a combination of Blade Runner and Matrix while the lyrics are cyber themed as usual. The opening track called "Running Riot" and it's a classic Iron Savior track. It's good with fast guitars but not what i expected from an opening track. The following tracks "The Omega Men", "Flesh" and "Megatropolis" it's in the same style. Actually, in ten years Iron Savior didn't changed or add a thing in their music and that is realy sad.

Bu then again they write songs like "Cybernatic Queen" which a proof of their capabilities. Capabilities that they don't explore. Also "A Tale From Down Bellow" is an interesting song which has some great solos. And then nothing again.

If you are new to Iron Savior's music then "Megatropolis" is a good start but it has nothing to offer to old fans or to the power metal scene. You don't even notice the songs as they pass by except from the two songs mentioned above.

Rating: 55/100

The Band

  • Piet Sielck - guitars/vocals
  • Joachim Küstner - guitars/backing vocals
  • Yenz Leonhardt - bass
  • Thomas Nack - drums


1. Running Riot
2. The Omega Men
3. Flesh
4. Megatropolis
5. Cybernatic Queen
6. Cyber Hero
7. A Tale From Down Below
8. Still I Believe
9. Farewell And Good Bye

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