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By Elric on 8:56 AM 15 June 2007

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Swedish death metallers Sinister have issued the following update:

"It has been more than a year since we took the time to write something personal again on this page. Not so strange, since we were extremely busy the last twelve months. We visited almost 30 countries this year for the promotion of 'Afterburner' so you can probably imagine how busy it actually was.

"Meanwhile Aad [Kloosterwaard, vocals] found the time to become a daddy some months ago, so Alex [Paul, guitar] (who has a 3-year-old daughter running around) is not the only one in the band anymore who likes to talk about dipers and duplo, haha!

"About the new album; Alex wrote on this moment three complete songs with a total running time of 22 minutes!!! Yes… the new songs are longer then the stuff we did before. One of them is even longer then 10 minutes. Musically it will follow the direction of 'Afterburner', which means fast catchy blastbeats combined with slow atmospheric melodic parts.

"Unfortunately, we haven't got any time yet to practice them as a band. However, we will take it slower on the concerts the next few months to work on this situation. Our goal is to make a demo this summer with four tracks so we can get an idea how they will sound on the album.

"Also a word to our Mexican fans; this August we will visit your beautiful country to do some shows. Mexico City has been confirmed and hopefully we can add two more gigs. It has been four years since our last visit so it would be great to see you guys and girls again."

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