Metal Hall Radio Has Been Launched

By Elric on 10:54 AM 15 June 2007

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FINALLY METAL HALL RADIO HAS BEEN LAUNCHED !!! After a couple of months of hard work we are proud to present our internet radio station. Still the project is on testing mode but its working far. Below are a tutorial to listen and some plans info for the future.

To listen live the Metal Hall Radio Station:

1. Go to
2. Download the file MetalHallRadio.mu3 (only 93 bytes) or Download it immediately from the link at sidebar
3. Open it with winamp (or any other player)
4. Bang Your Head!

Attention: in order to listen you may need ogg codecs (for e.g. if you use w.m.p.) so we suggest winamp or vlc players. Ogg codecs can be found in different sites for free.

Future plans about the station

1. Live DJ shows
2. Communication between station and listeners
3. Forum

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In future palns there is also an IRC channel (thanx to Wulf :D )

Posted on 18/6/07 10:10  

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