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By Elric on 10:00 PM 05 June 2007

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Former Crimson Glory vocalist Midnight has issued the following update on his "M2 - Descending into Madness" solo effort, which was originally supposed to be issued in May 2006 as a limited-edition release (limited to only 112 copies) via his official web site:

"Because of my recent association with Matt [LaPorte, guitar] from Jon Oliva's Pain and another wonderful musician and spirit from the band Monstrosity, I'm sorry to say I had to push the recording back a few weeks due to the fact I now wish to have more than myself on the album. On M2... It's already a double album, around 20 songs or more now. Some of these songs are extremely complex in their true form, and to do a proper representation of the song I think I have the ones I want to completely fulfill my vision. Now I have a full band... FINALLY!! So I need to work out some details with them before recording. In essence I must rethink my approach since now I have two new guns to shoot at the fans with. Believe me, it's going to be cool as shit. These guys are good and with Phil (Anderson, drummer from Midnight's 'Sakada' project] along for the ride who is awesome, so now I have keyboards, three guitar players, a bass player, two drummers, a dalcimer player, a mandolin player, a banjo player, an awesome flute player. I have so many toys, guys. I want to make this EPIC... Do you mind?"

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