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By Elric on 9:22 AM 15 May 2007

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Within Temptation's video for the song "Frozen" has been posted online. According to a posting on the group's web site, the clip's storyline is based on events that take place at the turn of the 20th century, dealing with a pretty heavy subject: violence and abuse within a family.

Commented the band: "We decided to raise this subject because it is still a very shocking issue in our society today. It is a subject that we feel is not discussed in public enough. The victims of abuse suffer their whole life and the dark figure of abuse is extremely high, for the reason that in the majority of the cases it happens within the very close family circle. The victims sometimes feel guilty when they would accuse a close relative and fear revenge as they were obviously threatened by the abuser.

"When you become a parent you are more aware of this subject because if you think for one second it could happen to your child, you start losing your mind.

"Abuse exists in many forms, for example sexual abuse or violence. It's not easy to discuss this subject, as we realized when we wrote the song and then again when we finalized the video.

"At the time our video for 'Frozen' plays, it would have been almost impossible for the mother to get help for her child and herself, therefore she decided to poison her husband. This is of course not what we want to suggest to anyone.

"Today there are organizations that help abused children and mothers. Still, it's a tough decision for someone who is abused to overcome his fear and ask for help. But we would like to encourage people who are being abused to seek for outside help and we would like to encourage people who see evidence of abuse not to remain silent. Abuse is only to stop when you decide to talk about it.

"There are telephone help lines where you don't have to reveal your identity and you still get help. We have decided to support one of these organizations by donating the income we receive from our record company Sony/BMG for the 'Frozen' single.

"Child Helpline International is a global network of child help lines working in over 150 countries.

"For more information, go to this location.

"All of Continental Europe with release 'Frozen' as the next single on June 8th.

"The exact single formats and track listings will follow soon.

"Roadrunner Records in the U.K. have decided to release 'The Howling' as the second single of our album 'The Heart of Everything' on June 11th.

"We filmed a video for 'The Howling' at the same time as we shot the clip for 'Frozen' in Romania. More information about both releases will follow soon."

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