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By Elric on 12:01 PM 14 May 2007

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Swedish metallers Therion have issued the following update:

"From Wacken Open Air and onwards, Mats Leven (Krux) will no longer be singing with the band. It was a decision taken by the whole band in discussion with Mats. This change of lineup is on friendly terms and the remaining shows before Wacken will be performed with the same energy and passion as if nothing had happened. There are no bad feelings. Therion will continue to develop even further into the direction we set on the last tour and Mats will focus on his new projects".

"Every time there was a change in the Therion lineup, it caused a lot of discussions. Some will always prefer the previous line-up because for some reason or another. Those who was with us back then probably remember the discussions after Martina, Anders 'the bald guy' Engberg etc. Some fans fell in love with the high-energy vitamin injection that Mats gave to the band, while others thought he was too much rock 'n' roll for Therion (which by the way was totally our intention when engaging him for the 'Lemuria'/'Sirius B' tour). Without a doubt though, it is clear that a majority will think back of the period with Mats on stage with a huge smile. Each stage in Therion's development has had its own unique charm and strengths and it is therefore a good thing when people are missed, but the good part is that it does not mean one has to be disappointed with the next step".

"And the part you all have been waiting for... The new guy will be Thomas Vikström, a singer who has been singing both opera, operettas and musicals as well as rock, metal and loads of other stuff. He is probably most known in the metal world for singing on a Candlemass album ('Chapter VI' — which is actually far from his best effort). Here in Sweden he is also know for the melodic hard rock band Talk Of The Town. His great vocal abilities will for sure be more known at least among the Therion fans after the tour."

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