Velvet Revolver New Single Available For Download

By Elric on 9:43 PM 19 May 2007

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Velvet Revolver's new single, "She Builds Quick Machines", is available for download in its entirety at FMQB. The song comes off Velvet Revolver's second RCA album, "Libertad", due on July 3.

In other news, all of Velvet Revolver's previously announced tour dates in Europe after June 17 have been cancelled because of scheduling conflicts with promotional activities for the release of "Libertad". It is expected that the band will come back to Europe later this year to make good on these cancelled shows.

Velvet Revolver bassist Duff McKagan recently told fans can expect songs from its members' old bands (Guns N' Roses, Stone Temple Pilots) to crop up occasionally, but less frequently than in Velvet Revolver's early days, when it barely had enough originals to play a headlining set.

"I don't know whether we'll do it the whole tour or once in awhile," he told "But I know people like to hear them and sometimes we really like to play them. It's songs we wrote, so why not?"

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