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By Elric on 11:15 AM 07 May 2007

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Hanoi Rocks' promotional video for the band's new single, "Fashion", has been posted online. The clip was directed by Kusti and Jaakko Manninen.

Hanoi Rocks is currently recording a new album at Helsinki's Seawolf Studios. The CD will be released in September 2007 in Finland by WolfGang Records, in the rest of Europe by U.K.-based Demolition Records and in Japan by Victor Entertainment/JVC Music.

The first single, "Fashion" (cover artwork) is a strong proof of what the new Hanoi Rocks lineup is capable of. Guitarist Andy McCoy says: "It was very easy to choose the first single. All the songs on the album are great single material. 'Fashion' just happened to be the first song that we had ready."

The "Fashion" single will be released on May 16 in Europe and June 21 in Japan. It'll also include Hanoi Rocks' version of the Billy Bremner hit "Trouble Boys" (which will not be on the forthcoming album), the promo video for "Fashion" plus a live video, "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams", from Hanoi's gig at Nosturi in Helsinki this past March.

The founding members of Hanoi Rocks, Andy McCoy and singer Michael Monroe, have finally found the perfect musicians, who bring their characteristic touch to the inimitable Hanoi Rocks sound.

Swedish rock stars, guitarist Conny Bloom and bassist Andy "A.C." Christell, have known each other since their childhood and they have been playing together in Roadrats, Rolene and Electric Boys. Hanoi Rocks' trusted drummer Lacu has kept his precise beat steady from year 2001 when Hanoi Rocks did their first comeback.


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