Madball - 100% - Videoclip

By Elric on 11:27 AM 07 February 2007

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Madball is one of the few real hardcore groups. They formed in 1988 and they are still grinding with out any stupid nu-metal influences. "100%" is their new video. Click Read More to watch it.

Madball is currently working on a new album.

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Kinda strange hearing spanish (or whatever spanish-like patois this is)
...I think it is much softer on my ears when Shakira does this anyways :P

Posted on 7/2/07 13:44  

And much softer to ur eyes i guess ;)

Posted on 7/2/07 14:00  

Quite so mate!Ahh... what a voice! :p

Posted on 8/2/07 03:05  
Sir Arthur Stanley Evington

skata, I regret that I did not go them to see when they had come last moment because lypicika the money.
ti leei re ayto to babelfish...

Posted on 9/2/07 17:07  

LoL m8,
I just have to inform you that the hall was bouncing in their rythms !!!

Posted on 10/2/07 00:28  

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