Candlemass' 20th Anniversary

By Elric on 2:31 PM 09 February 2007

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"One of Sweden's heaviest and most popular metal bands of all time celebrate 20 years with a huge party at Stockholm's Kolingsborg. Candlemass perform with three (!) different vocalists, a bunch of famous metal guests + VIP DJ Lee Dorrian from Cathedral!! Opening act is Grand Magus!! You can also win tickets to Sweden Rock Festival and cool vinyl. Don’t throw away your tickets!!

For the very first time is the singer from 'Epicus Doomicus Metallicus' — Johan Langquist — fronting Candlemass!!! This fact will make doom fanatics around the globe book plane seats with sweaty palms!! Tomas Vikstrom, who sang on 'Chapter VI' is also on stage this evening. Count on some songs from that album too... Another highlight of the show is the presentation of Robert Lowe, Candlemass' new singer (well known from Solitude Aeturnus) who makes his debut with the doom legends, who were awarded a Swedish Grammy for best hard rock/metal 2005. Robert puts his voice on Candlemass' new album, 'King of the Grey Islands', in February. Preliminary release date June 22 (Nuclear Blast). It’s not totally impossible that a new song (or two) is performed live at Kolingsborg Saturday, March 31!!!

Candlemass are joined on stage by some really cool metal elite guests. No names mentioned but don't blame us if you miss this year's most wicked evening. VIP DJ Lee Dorrian (Cathedral) teams up with Magnus from Witchcraft and Candlemass' Mappe + Leif spin personal and inspirational favorites on the main floor!!!!!!!!!! Doom-Ola from I Hate Records reigns in the basement. It will be HEAVY!!!

Yes, there's MORE!! The great metal trio Grand Magus are on the bill too!!! Don't miss damn it!!!! A new album will be recorded soon...

Tickets are 120 kr (about €13/$15). Bring ID to the show!!! Doors 20.00 – 03.00. Tickets at Sound Pollution, Stora Nygatan 18 and through Repulsive Records St Eriksgatan 84 More info on"

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