Robert Lowe Joined Candlemass

By Elric on 9:45 AM 24 January 2007

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It's well known that Solitute Aeternus are big fans and friends with swedish doomsters Candlemass. Now they share a singer also!

Candlemass issued the following post:
"After months of auditions it is now official who replaces Messiah Marcolin in Candlemass. Robert Lowe, well known for his work with Solitute Aeternus, is the man who killed all the competition and showed that he beyond doubt is the most capable man for the job. A worthy successor!!

"Robert will still be fronting Solitute Aeternus, but since there's a whole ocean between the bands, we feel that this is a great solution that is very beneficial for everybody. The mighty voice from Dallas, Texas is thrown into the fire immediately and is starting the vocal work on the new album in a matter of days. Candlemass are sure that the words 'amazing' and 'incredible' will be used to describe the result! We would also like to thank all the gifted singers who applied for the job. Many talents from all over the world have been heard. We are sure that they will continue to be heard for a long time, but not in Candlemass. The band have finally found the ideal replacement for Messiah MarcolinRobert Lowe! The new album will KILL!!"

Solitute Aeternus guitarist John Perez has issued the following update via the band's MySpace page:

"Robert is joining Candlemass as their new lead singer. We're not joking. We're also letting everyone know that nothing has changed in Solitute Aeternus and Robert will continue on with Solitute Aeternus as well.

Our live touring schedule is very minimal and we in the band see no conflict whatsoever with this situation. I personally support the decision 100%. It's all about the music to all of us and this is a chance for Robert to be involved in making some more great music outside of Solitute Aeternus. Why not, right? Leif Edling has been a friend of mine for many years and the decision has been made between both bands with utmost respect from the Candlemass camp. Robert is still 100% committed to continuing on with Solitute Aeternus as we would normally have continued onward. He can't escape it just like myself as it's in is brain and blood. I know that the next Candlemass album will sound unbelievable to my ears as I'm both a fan of the band and Robert's vocals so speaking for myself, I'll win out by getting free copy of the new album (on vinyl and CD, please)! Ha!

Seriously, this will be a great opportunity for Robert and we all wish him and Candlemass great success together.

Don't worry, Solitute Aeternus will do another record and continue to play live as much as our personal schedules will allow. Look for more new on the Candlemass webpage with regard to their new album and live schedule for this year!"

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