Christopher Lee, the Oldest Metalhead

By Elric on 11:41 AM 23 January 2007

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Acting veteran Christopher Lee has launched a music career at the age of 84 - releasing a CD of songs including a heavy metal track. The Lord Of The Rings star is convinced he is the oldest rocker to record an album.

He says of Revelation, "I really believe that when people hear this CD they will say, 'Yes he really can sing.' And it is a unique recording. As far as I know no other man of my age has sung on an album."

And Lee believes it will be a hit with young and old fans: "This has to be something that people can connect with. You see the young will connect with the metal version of 'The Toreador March', even though it is sung in French. I'm not singing in heavy metal, but it is still heavy metal."

But Lee has no plans to take his music on tour - insisting, "Not at my age. I don't think I could go through that. I couldn't possibly get up and sing these songs in a live show - my voice would probably be affected."

Some time ago, Lee performed on stage at a European metal festival with two bands, Manowar and Rhapsody!!!

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