Skid Row - Revolutions Per Minute (2006)

By Elric on 2:42 PM 29 November 2006

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I imagine that everyone knows Skid Row, the group that became famous by writing songs like “Youth Gone Wild”, “18 And Life” and “Monkey Business” and especially by the voice of Sebastian Bach.

Revolutions Per Minute” is their second release since their reunion (without Sebastian Bach). Their choice was to completely change their music style and not to self-consumed in their past. Although the idea was good, the result, unfortunately, is really bad.

Skid Row choice was to release an album for the masses and not to do something qualitative. “Revolutions Per Minute” starts like a garage style album, then it turns into something like punk, then it changes again in alternative rock and finally transforms into country and rockabilly sounds!!!!!

Nevertheless, the effort of singer Johnny Solinger is remarkable. He ideally adapts his voice in each song. However this is not enough, since the whole album is addressed to young college boys.

Rating: 33/100

The Band

• Johnny Solinger - Vocals
• Scotti Hill - Guitars
• Dave Sabo - Guitars
• Rachel Bolan - Bass
• Dave Gara - Drums


1. Disease
2. Another dick In The System
3. Pulling My Heart Out From Under me
4. When God Can't Wait
5. Shut Baby i love You
6. Strength
7. White Trash
8. You Lie
9. Nothing
10. Love Is Dead
11. Let It Ride

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