It Dies Today - Sirens (2006)

By Elric on 2:32 PM 30 November 2006

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The new work of It Dies Today is called “Sirens” and it just arrived to my hands. I cannot say that I was impatient to listen to this album neither that I like particularly that kind of music.

From first notes of “Sirens” I realized that will be a “long night” hearing. It Dies Today play a type of nu-metal and nu-metal has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the metal scene. “Sirens” begins with “A Constant Reminder”. The song begins with and drums have the main role but immediately the vocals change in gay-emo style at the refrain part. And somewhere here the interest for “Sirens” ends. The remaining songs not only are in same style, but they are precisely the same. Non-existent guitars, none solo and continuous alternations between something like brutal and gay-emo style phonetics

Indeed, music dies today becasue of such releases!

Rating: 13/100

The Band



1. A Constant Reminder
2. A Port In Any Storm
3. The Bacchanal Affair
4. Sacre Coeur
5. Damsel Of Death
6. Reignite The Fires
7. Black Bible, White Lies
8. Sirens
9. Through Leaves, Over Bridges
10. Being The Road (the Damnation)
11. Turn Loose The Doves

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