Rhapsody Of Fire: new album details!

By Elric on 11:27 AM 06 August 2006

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The well known power metalers from Italy, Rhapsody, were forced to change their name due to legal issues. Their new name is Rhapsody of Fire and as Luca Turrily says:"The power of the dragonflame will burn brighter than ever before". Keyboardist/songwriter Alex Staropoli added, "The name Rhapsody Of Fire better represents the energy that has always been present in this band and its music."

Their next album will be called "Triumph of Agony" and the tracklist is as follows:

Tracklist – “Triumph or Agony”:

01. Dar-Kunor
I. Echoes From The Elvish Woods
II. Fear Of The Dungeons
02. Triumph Or Agony
03. Heart Of The Darklands
04. Old Age Of Wonders
05. The Myth Of The Holy Sword
06. Il Canto Del Vento
07. Silent Dream
08. Bloody Red Dungeons
09. Son Of Pain
10.The Mystic Prophecy Of The Demonknight
I. A New Saga Begins
II. Through The Portals Of Agony
III. The Black Order
IV. Nekron`s Bloody Rhymes
V. Escape From Horror
11. Dark Reign Of Fire
I. Winter Dawn`s Theme

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