Rage - Speak Of The Dead - 2006

By Elric on 10:52 AM 04 August 2006

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Rage was one of the first groups that played power/speed metal 20 years ago. Today, after several line-up changes but always with Peavey on vocals and bass their sound remain unchanged. Although they tried some experimental albums with the Lingua Mortis orcherstra in "Ghost" and "Lingua Mortis", albums like "Black In Mind" are the ones that fans prefer. Their last studio release, "Soundchaser", it is believed that is their best effort.

So, with "Speak Of The Dead" the bad had the extra burden, at least, to match "Soundchaser". The question is, did they succed ?

The album consists of two parts. In the first part, Rage once agian team up with Lingua Mortis. The first part constitutes of 8 songs, 5 of them are instrumentals. After the small intro, I was believed that I will hear the classic Rage metal, although what "Prelude to Souls" and "Innocent" remind me of, was Savatage! Although when Peavy starts to sing, the music turns indeed to classic Rage. In general the first part is something like a mix of Savatage and Rage. The idea sounds good, but the result is not the best. The orchestrical parts, although they are good at the beginning, they are too many and they end-up boring!

The album is getting interest in the second part where Rage play their classic power/speed metal. "Turn My World Around" is probably the best song of the album along side "Full Moon", while "Kill Your Gods" is faster and is also good! "No Fear", "Soul Survivor" and "Speak Of The Dead" are like the songs that Peavey writing his whole life. In general the second part is pretty good but the album leaves you with a feeling of incompleteness

I can't say that Rage were able to match "Soundchaser"but in the end "Speak of the Dead" is a pretty good album that it will play on your cd-player for a while.

Peter Wagner (Peavey) - vocals/bass
Victor Smolski - guitars
Mike Terrana - drums

01. Suite Lingua Mortis - Morituri Te Sal
02. Suite Lingua Mortis - Prelude of Soul
03. Suite Lingua Mortis - Innocent
04. Suite Lingua Mortis - Depression
05. Suite Lingua Mortis - No Regrets
06. Suite Lingua Mortis - Confusion
07. Suite Lingua Mortis - Black
08. Suite Lingua Mortis - Beauty
09. No Fear
10. Soul Survivor
11. Full Moon
12. Kill Your Gods
13. Turn My World Around
14. Be with Me or Be Gone
15. Speak of the Dead

Rating : 70/100

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