Nightwish preparing their new album!

By Elric on 8:07 AM 25 July 2006

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Finland's Nightwish have finished writing the material for their next album and are now preparing to record pre-production versions of the songs so that they can be edited and arranged. The band are currently seeking a replacement for departed singer Tarja Turunen before entering the studio in September 2006 to begin recording the follow-up to 2004's "Once", tentatively due in mid-2007.

The new DVD "End Of An Era" was in the meantime also certified gold in France, climbed at the top of Finish DVD-Charts.

Finaly, you can watch some demo recordings of the upcoming album here.

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Nightwish without Tarja?!

No f@cking way!

Posted on 25/7/06 16:57  

Yep...they kicked her out :p

Posted on 26/7/06 18:46  

Hmm... guess she got herself on a pretty high horse... anyone knows what she'll be doing next?

Posted on 19/8/06 13:29  

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