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By Elric on 4:52 AM 22 June 2006

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New album for Moonspell after 3 years. The album starts with "Finisterra", a song that musicaly refers to "The Antidote" and to be honest that is what I was expecting to hear. Although the next songs make it cleary that "Memorial" is not Antidote part 2.

The death vocals of Fernando dominate all songs but without pushing aside the atmospheric feeling that Moonspell always had. The guitars and keyboards once again create a realy dark and heavy atmosphere. The production was made by Waldemar Sorychta who also played bass in the album and once again he made a miracle. The production is heavier and darker than any other release Moonspell made, yet it is crystal clear.

Musicaly the album is a combination of
"The Antidote" and "Irreligious" or "Wolfheart". The songs are stamped by the changes both in speed and feeling, like "Best Forgoten", (a 14 mins song) and as a result it takes time to get used to them. The best moments along side "Finisterra" and "Best Forgoten" are "Upon the Blood Of Men", "Memento Mori" and my favorite "Blood Tells".

Although some will prefer "The Antidote" against "Memorial", it is sure that the new album will be among the top metal albums for 2006.

Rating: 77/100

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