PreRelease : Slayer - New 3 track sample

By Elric on 10:22 PM 21 June 2006

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Slayer released a 3 track sample from their upcoming album "Christ Illusion". Dave Lombardo is back with the band after 13 years but its like he never left.

The first thought that comes to your mind when you listen "Cult" is that Slayer finaly get rid of theses unsuccessfull hardcore infuences. This is the best effort from Slayer since 1990 and indeed the sounds reminds me of "Reign in Blood" and "Hell Awaits" era.

"Jihad" is a fast song as well and "Eyes of the Insane" although a mid-tempo song, surely is pure thrash.

Slayer are back... and they are more aggressive than ever!

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Hey, can't wait till new album comes out :D

Posted on 21/6/06 11:35  

με γεια το καινουριο μπλογκάκι σου! Ανοιξατε και μας περιμένετε?

Posted on 21/6/06 13:01  

Γεια σου ρε μλκ! Ψηλος εδω... τι ειν' τουτα? Καινουργιες ασχολιες? Α, ρε, καλα την βγαζουνε οι δοκτορες νομιζω... πολυς ελευθερος χρονος!

Posted on 21/6/06 15:03  

gia to mpoytso einai oi slayer

Posted on 24/6/06 01:56  

nai symfwnw me ton apopanw :P

Posted on 24/6/06 01:57  

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